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Much of green building is dependent on location. In fact, location specificity is one of the hallmarks of good green design. That said, currently work relating to sites is limited to the midcoast Maine area. Questions not requiring access to site are welcome from any area.


My normal consulting fee is $60 per hour. As I don't want to price anyone out of reducing the energy consumption of their home, fees can be based on energy saved.


When I was trying to build my house in a manner which matched my conscience (i.e. minimizing the amount I ruined the natural environment), I was most hampered by things I didn't know. Trying to determine the best (say) insulation, was hard because information was not readily available in a concise form, without hype or oversimplification. Government sources would tell you what R-value to put in your roof, but not the method they used to determine that amount. All things are a compromise, but if your situation is not 'average' then design rules of thumb aren't useful.


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